Yellow Lounge coming back to Tokyo

Following the successful launch of last year, the Yellow Lounge Tokyo will be back.

When the Yellow Lounge Tokyo 2018 had unveiled itself last year, the tickets for the September event were immediately sold out; in just nine minutes.   To those who missed it then, now is the chance as “Yellow Lounge Tokyo 2019, ” the second of Yellow Lounge series in Tokyo will be held on Tuesday, March 12th, at Mori Building Digital Art Museum: EPSON teamLab Borderless.

The event takes place, the same as the last time, at “Universe of Water Particles on a Rock where People Gather” in Mori Building Digital Art Museum: EPSON teamLab Borderless.   Immersed in a three-dimensional art space where the waterfalls run down, and flowers scattered on the rock, the audience sits casually on the floor to enjoy the intimate performance by the world-class artists Deutsche Grammophon and Volkswagen are proud to present.

The lineup of artists to appear on Yellow Lounge Tokyo 2019 is Joep Beving, a Dutch composer and pianist whose minimal playing style on an upright piano has won overwhelming support from streaming generation; Mari Samuelsen, one of the most original and captivating violinists today who has just signed an exclusive deal with Deutsche Grammophon this January; and last but not least, Kaori Muraji, a crowd-pleasing guitarist who celebrates the 25th anniversary since her debut, as a special guest.

Joep Beving commented: “I’m really looking forward to performing at teamLab Museum, which is known among artists and creators all over the world.  The link between art and music will definitely leave a strong impression.”

Kaori Muraji commented: “Yellow Lounge is an innovative attempt.  If I could be one of the audience and immerse myself in the music, it will be ideal.  But this time, I will do my best to enjoy as a performer!”

The concept of Yellow Lounge to take the classical music out of concert halls and bring into clubs and various sites for people to “casually enjoy the world’s best classical music” was the brainchild of the world’s oldest label of its genre, Deutsche Grammophon.   Based on its worldwide success, Yellow Lounge collaborated with “teamLab,” the world’s highly-acclaimed ultra technologist group which resulted as Yellow Lounge Tokyo 2018 – the serendipity of music and digital art.

Tickets for Yellow Lounge Tokyo 2019, the second Yellow Lounge to be held in Japan will go on sale from 12:00 noon, Wednesday, February 13th at UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE.   Tickets are expected to sell out instantly as it did the last time.  Make sure not to miss this one-and-only art/music experience.


【Date/Time】Tuesday, March 12th, 2019   18:00 open/19:00 start

【Venue】Mori Building Digital Art Museum: teamLab Borderless

Odaiba Palette Town 1-3-8 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo

【Artists】Joep Beving(piano), Mari Samuelsen(violin), Kaori Muraji(guitar)

【Organizer】Universal Music LLC Classic & Jazz Department

【Special Thanks to Volkswagen】

Universal Music Japan: Yellow Lounge Site

Mori Building Digital Art Museum: EPSON teamLabo Borderless

Universal Music Japan: Deutsche Grammophon 120Years

Joep Beving: Universal Music Official Website

Mari Samuelsen : Universal Music Official Website

Kaori Muraji: Universal Music Official Website